Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Zara's 2nd Birthday

So right after Zara's 2nd birthday party, I fell victim to the sickness that has been plaguing the world.  Sorry for the delay in details, but I had shared the pictures right away...if you are curious where I snagged any of the party looks or decor, check out the links and pics below!

Zara's Birthday Outfit:
Pants: Nicole Miller (old style)
Shoes: Carters

Party Decor (click links where applicable):
12" Marble Balloons
Geometric Trays - 2 fruit bowls from Ross upside down with plastic platters affixed to the top

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  1. She is so cute! Efforts made for her birthday are adorable as well. Went for a cocktail party of my cousin at one of the high rated wedding venues NYC few weeks back. Unlimited wine and champagne was served in rich glassware. Loved the Mediterranean dinner with cookies and dry snacks. Also the Tiramisu and brownie was amazing.