Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cool Spotting. Weirdo Parent Gear

Do you ever see those products that make your eyes go big and your shoulders relax as you proclaim "YES! That is what I have been needing!"  As parents, we often hit challenges that make us feel like we can't surmount them.  Well, of course, someone is almost always waiting with a product that can immensely help out with whatever your offspring has thrown at you.  There are more and more companies introducing slick and edgy looking gear every year.  Here are my favorite things on the market right now to help you out with your parental life while keeping you aesthetically on target.  NOTE: each of these items I chose to feature are things I use(d) often and felt were essential.  Many of them were things I couldn't have fathomed before hand, but became vital to making life easier.  Why do I need stroller hooks? TRUST ME YOU NEED THEM.

What was something you couldn't live without for your littles?  Anything you loved that I missed?

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